With Ivanti, Chandler Macleod reduced their number of Citrix servers by 25%

 With more than 35 offices across Australasia, Chandler Macleod “unleashes potential”—helping organisations recruit, select, and retain the best-suited employees. Founded in 1959, the company was built on psychometric assessment of employees and candidates to endure the appropriate person-job-environment fit. Chandler Macleod assesses 24,000 people each year. 

Industry: Human Resources

Employees: 14000

Website: https://www.chandlermacleod.com/


User Workspace Manager
DesktopNow helps organisations simplify desktop deployment and administration, secure endpoints, and reduce IT costs. With the solution, IT can deliver a personalised, compliant desktop regardless of user location or device, manage herculean IT tasks like Windows 10 migration, and enable secure file sync, sharing, and data access.
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Maintaining a stable Citrix environment

Chandler Macleod’s initial goal was to minimise the number of network servers in its Citrix environment. Because DesktopNow was so effective in helping IT fully utilise each server, the company has reduced its server count by 25 percent.

Benefits to Chandler Macleod

Security is all-important

 Ivanti DesktopNow (by AppSense) provides the assurance that no user can introduce—either intentionally or unintentionally—an executable file to the network.

Block unauthorised applications

Using the Application Manager capability in DesktopNow, Chandler Macleod established an effective block against any unauthorised application being run or even installed.

Minimise licencing costs

Chandler Macleod can control the users and devices that have access to specific applications and avoid purchasing excessive licences.

Improve service quality

IT support team fielded a steady stream of complaints about system slowdowns. Those problems disappeared once Ivanti was turned on.

Reduce desktop total cost of ownership

What initially began as Chandler Macleod’s effort to minimise the number of Citrix servers also resulted in additional security benefits, greater software licence compliance, and reductions in desktop TCO.