Ivanti Security Controls

In 30 minutes or less, start managing your physical and virtual machines, software, patches, user privileges, and application control.
Installation Notes:

  • The Ivanti Security Controls console is recommended to run on one of the following 64-bit operating systems: Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019, or later (excluding Server Core and Nano Server).
  • Ivanti Security Controls also requires access to a Microsoft SQL Server database (SQL Server 2008 [Full or Express Edition] or later). If you do not have a SQL Server database, the option to instal SQL Express Edition is provided during the installation process.
  • Refer to the Ivanti Security Controls Online help for the full list of system requirements (see link below).

Ivanti Security Controls Download:

Ivanti Security Controls 2021.2 (Version 9.4.34771.0)

  • SHA256 - ACA43C0DC568BBE95DBDBC5D0CB833632A3316229634FF416A02DE74D23F6FE6
  • SHA1 - 3DC0A50DF066E8E776B1C89D51A49B2C2E142841

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NOTE: This is a limited 60-day trail that will allow you to conduct a trial of the patch functionality for up to 50 seats.