I NEED TO...discover and inventory what's on my network.

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Know what arrives on, moves around, and leaves your network.


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You're only as effective as your IT network discovery software

How can you manage or secure what you don't know you have?

For one manufacturer, knowing the details about what's on its network and automatically removing unused software helped it save $958,000 in software licencing fees. For another customer, accurate network visibility was crucial for security purposes. When a department VP asked how much it would cost to upgrade all PCs to the latest OS, IT had the answers. 

Know what's in your IT environment

With inventory management capabilities and network discovery software tools from Ivanti, you can discover all devices on your network. Track devices in any location across the Internet and all applications on each device. And make sure you can survive that looming software audit. 

Discover rogue access points
Designates an endpoint on each subnet automatically to identify any wireless access points that pop up on your network.
Don't miss a thing
Like a continuous network neighbourhood watch—if something is there, even for a moment, you'll catch it and inventory what's on it.
See the connexions
Visualise the associations between devices, software, assets, and the people who use them.
Visualise data and generate customised reports
Explore inventoried data with data visualisations or create customised reports to make informed decisions.
Inventory Internet-attached devices
Inventory systems and devices in remote locations as they connect via the Internet. No VPN required.
Benefit from a comprehensive list of all software with extensive usage information.
Replace manual management with automation. Discover devices quickly in real time on any network segment.

Gain knowledge and visibility

Your efforts to modernise your IT to meet the expectations of users and business management have at their foundation the ability to discover and inventory hardware and software assets successfully. Systems, Endpoint Security, IT Asset, network discovery tools and Service Management solutions from Ivanti are essential IT disciplines that leverage the extensive inventory data to provide greater network visibility. 

Unified Endpoint Manager
Unified endpoint management for all user devices.
Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
Operationalize your security practises.
Comprehensive asset management.

Data capabilities you can depend on

Network discovery and inventory features are at the very heart of effective IT systems, asset, and security management. 

Data visualisation and dashboards

Visualise all gathered data along with data from other business databases. Create business-value dashboards or simply view trends, anomalies, or live data in visual reports.

Data connectors

Gather data from multiple sources that wouldn't come through a network security scan. Connectors can include B2B data like hardware warranty information, vendor licencing rules, or purchasing information from resellers. Connectors can also interconnect your IT inventory database to other data such as a CMDB for service management.

Data normalisation

Clean up the data you see and reduce the number of names used to describe the same thing. Convert all your IT data to have a standard name, mapping structure, and classification.

Discover and inventory anywhere

The Cloud Services Appliance is a management gateway that gives you secure inventory management access to any remote devices that connect via the Internet. Inventory systems across the cloud without the need for an expensive VPN connexion. 

In-depth inventory service

Once a device is discovered, the in-depth inventory service interrogates each IP-connected device or service to learn everything it can, including information about the network connexion, hardware details, manufacturer, and what software is running on the device. When under management, inventory will also provide software-usage information to help you manage your software assets.

Neighbourhood Watch

Passive & Active Discovery Tools

Using passive and active discovery technologies, Neighbourhood Watch finds all managed or unmanaged devices. It detects network-connected devices in real time, even if they're behind a firewall.