I NEED TO...implement application control for my endpoints.


Control application access.

Enforce application whitelisting.


Secure your desktops.


Secure your applications

To maximise protection of corporate data and critical IT resources, you need to keep unknown, unauthorised, and potentially dangerous software from infiltrating your organisation. However, traditional application management methods are often difficult to manage and disruptive to users. So how best to protect your environment from rogue software, without impeding your users from doing their jobs?

Application control without pain

Enforce simple security policies to defend against ransomware, malware, and other malicious executables, while eliminating administrative overhead.

Track All Changes
Get detailed reports on app control policy changes and enforcement, compliance levels, user behaviour, patch status, and much more.
Hands-Off Exception Handling
Empower users to access and run endpoint applications securely.
No Heavy Lifting Required
Get control that is easier to manage than traditional manual blacklists and whitelists.
Protect Against the Unknown
Stop unauthorised executables that have already circumvented your perimeter security.
Know Who's Using What
Get visibility into application usage and refine access policies to support your licence control efforts.
Know What You’ve Got
Know what applications are running on all of your endpoints—authorised or not.

How Ivanti can help

Solutions from Ivanti let you exercise complete control over all software on your endpoints with ease—and without slowing the pace of business. Ensure that only authorised and trusted applications are available, defend against malicious software, and manage policy exceptions with minimal disruption to users.

Application Control
Mitigate threats without manually managing whitelists and blacklists or creating obstacles to user productivity.

Secure your applications, secure your users

Get granular management of approved software and control how, where, and when users access authorised applications.

User Self-Service Options

Enable trusted users to instal and run specific applications, fully audited, without IT intervention.

Manage Authorised Access Precisely

Establish trusted application ownership and precise control over access to each application.

Banish the Bad

Identify unauthorised software and prevent it from running.

Control with Precision

Enforce corporate security policies with unprecedented granularity. Refine those policies with comprehensive event logs.

Endpoint Application Management from Ivanti

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