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Start now. Discover every asset, everywhere.

How can you effectively manage and protect your assets everywhere if you can’t see them? With Ivanti, you can. Discover your entire IT estate in real time at a glance, and make fast, accurate decisions that result in breakthrough levels of efficiency and value across your business.

Transform data into value

Start by finding every user, device, application, and service on your network. Now, turn that visibility into value by mapping your entire IT landscape, and reap insights that empower you to manage, secure, and service your everywhere workplace with ease.

Turbocharge your IT

Ivanti’s Discovery solutions deliver a single source of truth in minutes, eliminating the inefficiencies and risks of manual processes and siloed tools. With a moment-by-moment snapshot of your IT landscape, you’ll have the confidence to make informed decisions quickly.

We’re there to support academic freedom and enable users to do their jobs, while also providing that backend layer of security. Having visibility into the entire landscape and the tools at hand to balance security with user needs makes it easier to meet both objectives.

Make fast, spot-on decisions with a 360˚ view of your IT, from data centre to cloud to edge

Uplevel your service

Visibility over your entire IT estate empowers you to make quick decisions that translate to faster, better service experiences for users

Protect every asset

With detailed insights at your fingertips, you can act quickly to protect all your assets and maximise performance—and business productivity

Turn visibility into value

Uncover shelfware, ghost assets, and out-of-warranty assets and avoid unnecessary purchases so you can lower expenses across your IT

Ivanti’s Discovery Solution

Our discovery solution lets you enjoy full-spectrum visibility of your IT landscape so you can manage, secure and optimise it—everywhere

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Make your IT, and your user experiences, more efficient and secure with real-time visibility of your assets 

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery with Service Mapping

Quickly profile and mitigate risks associated with changes and minimise your downtime 

Ivanti Endpoint Discovery

Get a total view of your endpoints everywhere, and discover simple, automated workplace management

With Ivanti Neurons we have seen and will continue to see significant savings in asset and warranty management, by proactively monitoring device health, such as battery performance, Ivanti Neurons gives us real-time actionable intelligence, so we can automate or make more informed decisions and keep our users productive.

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