Ivanti Security ControlsSimplify and Automate Patch Management for Physical and Virtual Servers in the Data Centre

Critical Security Controls

We’ve brought the best in patch management, privilege management, and whitelisting together. Get the details now.

Why So Critical?

Some security tools simply matter more. Find out why.

Reduce Time to Patch

Go from CVE to patch group in minutes. Easily import CVE lists from any Vulnerability Management vendor.

Leading Patch Management and Application Control

Do More with Less with the Right Security

Without a focused security strategy, device sprawl is costly and out of control. IT teams spend too much time managing these devices. Organizations also must contend with a cybersecurity labor shortage—which means they’re looking for ways to optimize both IT and Security teams.

Ivanti Security Controls simplifies security with unified and automated prevention, detection, and response techniques that target your biggest attack vectors. It provides the security global experts agree creates the highest barriers to modern cyber attacks, including discovery, OS and application patch management, privilege management, and whitelisting.

Critical Security Made Easy – The Best Patch and Privilege Management and Whitelisting

With Ivanti Security Controls, patch management isn’t full of holes that could devastate your business. Whitelisting isn’t a chore that requires constant maintenance and updates to be effective. And, privilege management isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition that leaves your organisation at risk in yet another way.

Patch Your Windows and Linux Machines

Detect and remediate OS and third-party app vulnerabilities on systems running Windows, Red Hat Linux, and CentOS.

Patch Your Virtual Servers

Discover, inventory, and patch physical servers, VMs, and templates, regardless of power state or if they are on or offline.

Simplify Whitelisting

Provide authorised access to applications and services without making IT manage extensive lists manually and without constraining users.

Grant the Correct Privileges to Your Users

Implement Just Enough Administration and Just-in-Time Administration. Take back admin rights but still enable users to do what they need to.

Better Security Without All the Hassle

Get the upper hand on attackers. Leverage tech that’s comprehensive, simplifies management, and focuses on security controls proven highly effective against modern cyber attacks.