Ivanti Cloud Unified Intelligence You Can Act On

Cloud for your entire IT

A single solution that adds value to all of IT.

What Can Cloud Do For IT?

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Easy on your budget

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Bring Out the Best in Your IT Teams

Turn Expertise Into Action

With Ivanti Cloud you’ll always know what to do next. Examples? Resolve issues before they escalate or morph into a growing number of IT tickets. Eliminate hardware purchases before allocating more budget to something because you can’t find it.

What security risks do you have—right now? What devices on your network are unmanaged or unused? Timely information is always at a premium. Match that with the actions required to get the job done. Now we’re talking powerful!

Your New Favourite Place to Find Answers

Everything is easier with real-time insights and intelligent recommendations. It’s like having an expert on hand 24x7.  

You can query devices in real time for issues that require a prompt response and then rely on Smart Advisors for recommendations based on trends from data pulled from multiple sources. 

Real-time insights and action

What’s happening right now? Zero in immediately on issues affecting the device health and productivity of your users, or that jeopardise your business. Now take action—such as turning on encryption, enabling a firewall, or killing a process. 

See the bigger view

The real-time capabilities of Ivanti Cloud help you discover issues instantly, but they also unify your data and identify the stories and trends within. Intelligence is added and recommendations extended, so each Analyst knows what to do next and how to take swift action. 

Juggle less, strategize more

Change your ‘maintain-to-innovate’ ratio. Modernise how you keep things up and running so you can devote more time and resources to solving business challenges. 

Cloud-enhance current investments

Have an Ivanti solution? You’ll gain additional data services, real-time capabilities, and a new platform for innovation.  

Let's broaden the discussion

Ivanti Cloud unifies more than IT.

Ivanti Cloud adds a lot of value to Ivanti solutions, but the untold story is that it works with multiple third-party solutions from vendors like Microsoft. Point Ivanti Cloud at the data from Active Directory or SCCM and in no time you’ll obtain real-time answers, next-step recommendations, unifying intelligence, and automated actions. It also extends automation and actions to additional systems like ServiceNow and VMware to further bring out the best in your IT teams.