Best practices for migrating BigFix to Ivanti

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As a systems integrator or reseller, your customers place a considerable amount of trust in the services you recommend and implement. And nothing is more frustrating for you or your customers than those services not responding to integration queries. And in other cases, competing against you for the same service contracts.

If you are one of the many systems integrators or resellers who are unsure of BigFix's enterprise endpoint management product or how you will be supported after the HCL acquisition, Ivanti can help.

Ivanti will help you overcome such frustrations as we believe in building strong partnerships with systems integrators and resellers. We will work closely with you to secure contracts and seamlessly integrate our solutions into your end customer's systems.

As Ivanti continuously invests in R&D to future proof its products, your customers will appreciate investing in you.

Ivanti offers the ideal endpoint management replacement solution. You'll do more than just keep your customers up and running.

Join our latest webinar to learn more about "Who is Ivanti" and the best practices for migrating BigFix to Ivanti.


Andrew Souter
Area Vice President, Sales Engineering

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