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IT Service Management Emotional Footprint Report

Uncover how your peers really feel about their ITSM vendors.

When it comes to evaluating IT service management vendors, most analyst reports traffic in dollars and cents, often boiling down takeaways to concrete metrics like ROI or Net Present Value (NPV).

But what about those not-so-easily quantifiable metrics, like how an end-user feels about a particular vendor or solution?

That’s the impetus behind Info-Tech’s 2021 IT Service Management Emotional Footprint Report.

In it, you’ll see how 16 ITSM vendors, including Ivanti, scored against both a “Value Index,” which captures user satisfaction relative to investment, and a “Net Emotional Footprint,” which measures user sentiment across benchmark “emotional” comparisons like Respect vs. Disrespect, Bureaucratic vs. Efficient, Liars vs. Trustworthy, and Unfair vs. Generous.

Highlights about Ivanti specifically include:

  • Being named one of only four “Software Review Champions”
  • Top rankings in Integrity, Putting Client’s First, Altruistic, Trustworthy and more
  • Why Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is an Inspiring, Reliable and Performance-Enhancing solution

Read the report for Info-Tech’s complete findings.

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