50% Reduction in IT help calls because of Ivanti

21st Century Oncology, headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, is a leading provider of advanced radiation therapy and the largest global, physician-led provider of integrated cancer care services to cancer patients in the United States and Latin America. The company offers a comprehensive range of radiation treatment alternatives, and focuses on delivering academic-quality, cost-effective patient care in a personal and convenient setting. 

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 947

Website: https://www.genesiscare.com


Unified Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is a proven client management solution that helps IT do more than keep the business up and running. It is core to: 1) discovering everything that touches the network; 2) automating software delivery; 3) managing all the devices users access; and 4) integrating actions with multiple IT solutions—all from a single, unified management suite.

Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager

This solution brings together best-practices protection, controlled from one console, to prevent, detect, and remediate. Organisations gain media protection, remote endpoint control, security diagnostics, flexible dashboards and reporting, and more—with app control and automated patch management. Detect and prevent threats, respond swiftly to infections, and provide employees the tools they need to be effective.

Available on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model, Ivanti Service Desk is a process-driven solution that helps organisations manage and automate the lifecycle of processes—from initiation to updating to closing. It offers all the capabilities expected from an enterprise-class service management system, and is ITIL®- verified in 15 ITIL processes (PinkVERIFY 2011).

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Simplifying network management to ensure continuous patient care

Innovations like medical robots and three-dimensional imaging systems are significantly improving patient outcomes. But if these devices or the computers running them are down for any reason, patient care is affected. When a doctor or nurse is on the phone with 21st Century Oncology’s IT department because their PC isn’t working, that means they aren’t helping a patient. The objective is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Benefits to 21st Century Oncology

Reduced downtime

Automated systems management from Ivanti is simple to use, easy to implement, and doesn’t require a lot of overhead.

50% reduction in repair calls

Prior to installing Endpoint Manager, IT was taking 3,000 repair calls a month. Within months, the number was cut in half.

Knowledge base speeds troubleshooting

When a user calls, predictive solutions appear at the bottom of the screen. IT is now fixing more problems while the user is on the phone.

Self-service option for users

Users have access to the knowledge base that provides them with a self-service option. IT has witnessed more and more staff solving their own problems.

No more imaging and inventory issues

Ivanti provides a full inventory picture with the click of a mouse. IT can tell when a PC was installed, who installed it, who logged in last, and when.

Reimaging remote PCs

Eliminate shipping and reduce downtime for the user from two days to two hours. IT’s shipping costs once averaged $75,000 a year. Now they’re more like $10,000.

Twofold return on investment

Ivanti has become a mission-critical tool for 21st Century Oncology. “Without the solution,” said Wesley Shepherd, director of IT Support Services, “we can’t service our users and they can’t deliver care to their patients. It has saved thousands of hours a year in technician time and dramatically increased our resolution times. Our investment in Ivanti has been returned twice over, and continues to save us time and money.”